Skills.Direct is built on a customised Moodle/Mahara-based LMS and e-portfolio system, and our content is built with enhancements based on the Bootstrap framework.

It’s fast, light and mobile-friendly.

We’ve built the system on this basis because we aren’t interested in tying users to the platform. We want institutions to access our product in any way they want – on our system or their own.

So institutions can access our courses through our platform, or we can provide them with their own version of it as a managed service, or we can serve the courses from our system into their own – or indeed pass the content into an offline version within a secure network.

All we care about is delivering a powerful and flexible platform for teaching and learning, while our own system can also offer our comprehensive data dash-boarding to keep users informed of key milestones and initiate informed interventions.

Talk to us about how best we can support your learners, tutors and managers to meet your goals in maths and English delivery.