Our resources are designed to support cycles of learning and progression based on detailed diagnostic assessment at every stage.

English Errors and Maths Mistakes – animated investigations into common misconceptions and difficulties that provide an accessible way into the key concepts.

Skills Support – access the best of the web – from BBC Bitesize to YouTube – for a rich and expanding bank of teaching and learning resources.

Skills Support provides links to under-pinning learning for the key skills areas. The links are mostly drawn from BBC sites: Bitesize and Skillswise, but are specifically targeted according to the diagnostic descriptors to which they align. The sites contain learning materials and numerous opportunities to check knowledge and understanding for learners who need to be reminded of a concept and want extended practice in a variety of contexts.

Skills Drills - short, focused auto-marked quizzes grouped by diagnostic descriptor, Skills Drills provide practice and effective diagnostic level checkers to map progression.

The Skills Drills can be used in a variety of ways:

  • As ‘deeper diagnostics’ to confirm and clarify IA results.
  • As a quick check to identify how secure underpinning skills are on a certain topic, or to see how well a concept has been understood.
  • As a ‘distance travelled’ assessment to provide evidence of progression and skills development over time.
  • As a revision aid or review to check on how well a range of skills have been learned and retained.

Workouts – the Workouts form the bulk of the preparation for the Functional Skills exams. They provide the progression from grasping underlying concepts to using them to solve problems in Functional Skills examination.

The Workouts offer a mix of auto-marked and tutor-marked questions that require longer and more thorough responses, evidence of the problem-solving process, and elements of reflection and review.

For learners, there is feedback and guidance on progression and suggested next steps.

For tutors, there is detailed guidance on marking and next steps to support progression.


Following a Workout, learners will either demonstrate they’re ready for examination, or will identify areas requiring improvement. If they are test-ready, they can access links to awarding body past-papers.

If they need to return to learning and exploring concepts they can go back into the Skills Support section, or take further Skills Drills to practice and develop the key skills.

Learners may also want more Functional Skills practice and decide to take further Workouts and cycles of development.